Mosaver Zekenim Synagogue (literally ‘the Elderly Home Synagogue’, as this used to be the synagogue of Regina Elisabeta Rest Home for the Elderly). The rest home was also known as Elisabetheu Rest Home. The property was meant for poor, old people that could not care for themselves. On premises there were the main rest home quarters, a synagogue, the administration offices and various annexes. It was built, as far as I could dig for information, by Regina Elisabeta Society, founded by Queen Elisabeta of Romania in 1881 with the purpose of assisting the poor, in the absence of a charity system in Romania at the time. Beginning with 1951 the property no longer served the Jewish community, hosting the Institute for Medical Expertise and Work Capability Recovery, a branch of the Communist Government social insurance apparatus. The whole compound lay abandoned and was constantly looted for wood and endowments as of early January 2012. It lies on 7-9 Ion Filibiliu, between Anton Pann and Romulus streets, stretching all the way to the crossing with the latter.
GPS - N44 25.743 E26 06.886 http://www.bucharestian.com/Walks/Entries/2012/4/18_The_Jewish_District__from_Dristor_to_Piata_Unirii.html

conac oteteleseanu 

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